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Cobie Bourke - worlds selection


Great work from our team rider Cobie Bourke who has been selected for the worlds mx training squad in Nz in preparation for the 2018 World junior motocross champs in Australia. 

Online coaching 

Online mx coaching is now available. Communicate weekly with your personal motocross coach online, send in your videos and work togethor to acheive effective and regular coaching sessions online, affordable for all motocross racers lookings for improvements. 

Kayden Thompson to the 85cc


Our youngest rider Kayden Thompson has moved onto a Kawasaki kx 85, at 7 years old he will not be able to race it untill mid Jan 2018 but will spend him tim riding with buddies and working on his skills on his private supercross track. 

Luka Freemental on the mend


Luka is on the slow mend after his injury, he is looking to get back on the bike in Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 and put in a big push to be ready for Woodville 2018. A great member to the team watch this kid in the future. 


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- Group training available

Cyclespot 2015 KTM350sx test.


The 2015 KTM 350 has been my favourit bike to test during 2015, the smooth power delivery and handling of the bike make it an enjoyable rider, the bike looks amazing straight out of the box, and I could not fault the bike in anyway after a few minor syspension adjustments for personal setup. Contact Cyclespot Euro for more info.