Target MX, rooted in the scenic landscapes of Nelson and Tasman, is dedicated to fostering the growth of riders by offering invaluable tools and expertise. Our focus extends from novice enthusiasts to seasoned professionals engaged in national-level competitions. Collaborating closely with local and regional riders, we strive to cultivate a community where passion meets proficiency. Join us on a journey where skill development takes precedence, and the joy of mastering motocross becomes a shared pursuit.


Jade Thompson

Jade, deeply entrenched in the world of motocross since childhood, brings forth a vast reservoir of racing expertise garnered from both national and international competitions. With an acute eye honed by years of experience, he adeptly discerns effective techniques, effortlessly weaving them into the fabric of any rider's training regimen. His ability to impart invaluable insights gleaned from his own journey elevates the performance of those under his guidance, propelling them towards their own heights of success in the thrilling realm of motocross.



Nic D'Arcy

Nic, a young and ambitious rider competing at the national level, possesses a fervent desire to impart his wealth of expertise to the next generation of riders. Having immersed himself in the world of racing since his early years, Nic has traversed the spectrum of competitions, from grassroots MX events to the pinnacle of national-level events. His keen insight and adeptness in transferring riding skills are unparalleled, making him a beacon of guidance for aspiring riders on their journey to success.


Training Options

Target MX Coaching

Race Plan

  • 10 sessions (over 12 months)
  • Free access to 2 x group coaching sessions
  • Direct access to training materials
  • Long-term, intensive, goal oriented coaching
  • Ideal for riders with aspirations for specific long-term goals
  • Direct support from coaches throughout the year
  • 2x Target MX hoodies and T-shirts

Focus on fundamental bike skills, breaking bad habits, and instilling correct techniques

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Target Mx Coaching

Starter Plan

  • General coaching for up to 4 riders
  • Tailored to individual needs and specific pain points
  • Covers starts, technique, and the four riding fundamentals: Vision, Feet, Body
  • Position, Cornering
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TARGET MX Coaching

Group Sessions

  • Ideal for larger groups, suitable for learners to advanced riders
  • Tailored for schools, clubs, and groups
  • An excellent choice for those looking to distribute costs and benefit from shared learning experiences.
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