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Lucas Oil Contact Cleaner

Lucas Oil Contact Cleaner

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Lucas Contact Cleaner aerosol is a unique blend of solvents, cleaning agents and propellants designed to remove oil, dirt and moisture from contact points in small electrical equipment, controls, ignition systems, motors, relays and thermostats. This non-chlorinated, CFC free, VOC compliant formula dries quickly and leaves no residue.

Lucas Contact Cleaner aerosol is compatible with metals, and elastomers. It is especially effective in motorcycle applications to clean electrical parts that have been exposed to high levels of oil, dirt and debris. Be careful when using around plastic.

Although this product is compatible with most materials it is a good idea to treat a small area for compatibility purposes when using with plastic components.

  • EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Do not store near fire, heated surfaces, sparks or flames.
  • Turn off electrical equipment prior to cleaning and let dry completely before turning power back on.


  • Superior cleaning and drying formula
  • Greater value compared to competitors products
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